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A very happy Harley customer


no problems setting an appropriate volume with it to overcome the Harley-Davidson sound

The other day while waiting for a mate to put fuel into his Harley-Davidson® CVO® Street Glide® at Gloucester a group of fellow riders asked me a few questions about the Bluetooth device attached to my helmet.  They were looking for something that they could use to talk to each other while riding.

I’ve had my Sena SMH10 Bluetooth intercom unit for at least 18 months now and have been very happy with it. I’m a bit of a technology luddite, so I need things to be simple to use.  I don’t push the Sena SMH10’s to its capabilities using it only 2.5 different ways.

  1. I pair the SMH10 to my Tomtom Rider 2 GPS (product names now changed) when riding down busy highways so it can tell me where the speed cameras are. Setting it up is just like the instructions, simple and it works a treat.  I also pair the GPS to my iPhone so it acts as a hands free device and receiving calls is almost seamless. It’s worth noting I already had the SENA SMH10 before I got the Tomtom so I’ve never used the Cardo bluetooth unit that came with it.
  2. I pair the SMH10 Bluetooth Intercom straight to my iPhone when I don’t need the GPS.  This is seamless as well.  The only issues I really have with that setup are my fault.  I leave the SENA turned on while I go into a cafe and when the phone rings the SENA answers. I have an impression that sometimes when you walk out of range and back into range the phone doesn’t reconnect.  Not sure if that’s the phone, the SMH10 or my mind playing tricks so out of habit I switch the bluetooth unit off and back on and when I hear the two beeps I know all’s good.
  3. I pair the SENA SM10 to my phone and try to use the phone as an pod and play music through it via blue tooth.  Not sure what goes on here, it often randomly dings in my ear and jumps to the next track.  But that’s not really a problem, there’s an input in the SENA you can plug the pod/phone straight into with a cable provided and bypass blue tooth for this use.  I’ve never used the cable and I have only tried to use the setup for music a couple of times for the heck of it, preferring to hear the purr of my Vance and Hines Power Duals to the poppy tones of Miley Cyrus while I’m being a biker type.

One outstanding feature of the SENA is how long the batteries last.  I’ve done 12+ hour days without a sign of it going flat, my iPhone’s not that lucky but I’ve got a 12v adaptor in my King Tour Pack to keep it going as long as the intercom.

I’ve also ridden in some serious rain dumps and it’s never failed or leaked internally.  A couple of times after riding through major storms I’ve even noted some moisture between the bluetooth unit and where it clips onto the microphone cradle (attached to the helmet) it’s still not failed. Very cool.

The sound quality is pretty good with two speakers a good size and it’s stereo, so the music sounds good when you have it on.  I’ve had no problems setting an appropriate volume with it to overcome the Harley-Davidson sound and earplugs.  Sound quality the other way is also good, my better half has never complained about problems on the other end of the phone hearing/understanding what I’m saying.  I do use a full faced helmet with the mic inside.

Downsides, it’s a bit big.  While I haven’t noticed any additional wind noise or any detrimental effect from the size you can certainly see it from almost any angle and it frankly doesn’t look that great IMHO.  Having said that, the jog dial and button on the back are really easy to use with gloves so I guess there’s a plus for the size too.  The last bluetooth unit I had looked small and cool, but I have to go for function over form in this one and stick with the SENA Unit.

Apparently you can connect up to four of the units for intercom use, even though I’ve got a dual set I’ve never used it for chat with a pillion or fellow rider, so I can’t talk on that point but I’d assume that since everything else works so well, there’s no reason this feature wouldn’t.

I bought my SENA SMH10 Bluetooth Intercom Dual Pack from Mr Mobile, I don’t know if there’s cheaper pricing out there but the service is great and I had a warranty issue sorted by them quickly, very efficiently and followed up by a phone call to make sure everything was OK.

All up, the SENA SMH10 gets three thumbs up from me, for what that’s worth 🙂

This article was reproduced with permission from the author and was originally published on his blog ‘My Harley-Davidson‘.


Communication Bareback Style!

Communicate in the great Outdoors!

Communicate in the great Outdoors!

Are you a regular horse rider? Want to communicate with other riders out on the trail or in the paddock? The brand new Sena SPH10 allows you to do just this. Imagine riding on the open range and being able to communicate with other riders, listen to music, or answer your mobile….all without wires and hands free.

This latest technology provides you with a comfortable bluetooth headset that supports the following functionality:

1.    No wires and hands free: No wires, just bluetooth headsets that allow you to communicate with each other, answer phone calls and much more, providing the ultimate convenience! They are voice activated – so no buttons to press either.

2.    Different locations: These headsets transmit wirelessly up to 900 meters (with line of sight), so you and up to 3 other riders can be in different locations and still communicate. Need to talk to other riders or your colleagues mustering cattle? – it is all possible if they are within a 900 meter radius.

3.    You need to hear each other: these bluetooth headsets are optimized for noise suppression and high volume, so you’ll hear each other over the calls of nature and the wind whistling by as you bolt across the skyline. They provide crystal clear natural sound quality, and it is integrated with audio booster providing sufficient sound level for noisy environments.

Sena SPH10 Bluetooth Headset

Sena SPH10 Bluetooth Headset

4.    Non-intrusive communication: the comfortable behind-the-head design allows riders to wear the headsets and still tackle the rigors of riding. No more bulky walkie talkies or having to dial a mobile. It is ergonomically designed to reduce pain on ears and provides a stable and secure alternative to older forms of communication.

5.    All weather conditions: nothing is surer than the weather changes! As you ride the great outdoors, this is perfect for all conditions. The headsets are water resistant and are designed stable and secure to support outdoor activities.

6.    Never run out of horsepower: ever had your walkie talkies or mobile run out of battery at a crucial time during on a ride? The Sena SPH10’s are equipped with long lasting battery keeping the device up to 10 hours of talk time, and 7 days of stand-by time. Great for communicating on day long rides or longer over night trips.

Sena have thought of everything for the active horseback rider. You’ll always be able to communicate important information and ride with the knowledge that in case of an emergency, you can communicate with other riders. Mr Mobile has the first shipment of these coming to Australia in mid September. Make sure you order yours now and let other riders know so that on your next ride……you’re in communication!

How cyclists can communicate with ease on and off road!

Up to 4 riders can all communicate up to 900m!

Up to 4 riders can all communicate up to 900m!

The launch of the new Sena SPH10 is a coup for cyclists. Think about those times when your out on the open road or powering down a rocky slope on your bike and just want to share a thought or communicate a new direction to your companion riders. Wouldn’t it be easy if you had a voice-activated headset, with no wires, that enabled you to talk to other riders?

Well now you can. The Sena SPH10 is designed specifically for outdoor activities and has cyclists firmly in mind. They’ve thought of everything. These headsets allow for 4 units to be paired and give you the freedom to:

  • Answer your bluetooth mobile – with noise cancellation and wind noise reduction, you’ll never miss a beat again. You can keep cycling and have that important phone call.
  • Listen to music through your MP3 player or mobile – you can listen to your favourite tunes via bluetooth enabled devices or using the auxiliary audio-in connection via a 3.5mm jack.
  • Sena SPH10 Bluetooth Headset

    Sena SPH10 Bluetooth Headset

    Communicate with up to 4 people with a range of up to 900 meters – you can tell your riding companions to pedal
    faster so they keep up!

  • Ride in comfort with the ergonomically designed headset – no bulky earphones or wires to get in the way. This unit has been designed with your comfort in mind and is stable and secure – so you can ride with speed and know it won’t come off.
  • Be outdoors in all weather – this headset is weather proof and water resistant – you can work up a sweat whilst riding or pass through bad weather and the weatherproof design will keep your headset safe.
  • Use it all day with crystal clear and natural sound quality – with up to 10 hours of talk time and 7 days standby time – it is perfect for outdoor adventures, long rides or challenging events.

Mr Mobile will have the first headsets to arrive in Australia in the 3rd week of September. Make sure you don’t miss out on this innovative device and pre-order your Sena SPH10 today. Tell your friends so you can communicate together on the road.

Tell us about your next cycling adventure!