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Motorcycle Tyre Pressure, what a pain

Motorcycle Tyre Pressure, what a pain
Smart Air Pump for all Motorcycle

One of the things that so important to motorbike riders is their tyre pressure.

The tedious job of going to the petrol station to check your tyre pressure on a regular basis can be a nightmare.

The valves always position themselves where you don’t want them, so you move the bike forward or back, usually into a patch of grease or oil. Take off the helmet and the jacket down on your hands and knees to attach the hose. That’s one tyre done, now repeat the process.

The search for a better way has gone on for years, manual pumps wear you out, and other more elaborate 12 volt pumps have to be connected to a 12-volt power source.

Well now worry no more for the Smart Air Pump has arrived this amazing gadget is the size of an iPhone 6 Plus, just a bit thicker it weighs 400gm. Has a digital pressure gauge that can be set to PSI, KPA, BAR, or kg.cm2 and has it’s own inbuilt power supply that’s rechargeable.

Smart Air Pump Tiny, Convenient and Portable

So all you do is switch the unit on, set the pressure, connect the hose, press the button and it will inflate or deflate your tyre to the chosen pressure, then stop automatically. It takes around a minute or so for each tyre to be topped up.

The unit can easily be stored on the bike for use on the run, it inflates from 0-100psi and can also be used on pushbikes, cars and comes with an attachment for pumping up all sorts of balls, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls etc. to an exact pressure.

It sells in Australia for $149.00 and can be purchased from

Smart Air Pump Specification:

Length, Width Height/size: 148.5L*77W*26.5H (mm) /0.0003 m³

Weight: 400g

Operation Approach: One button manually pump

Normal pumping time: 2.5 min

Charging time and speed: 3h for charging

LCD air pressure display: Display data of air pressure, automatically control

USB connector: USB quick charging

“ U ”: Air pressure unit exchange

“ + ”: “Increase” preset air pressure

“ – ”: “Decline” preset air pressure

Light with GREEN: Full-power

Light with YELLOW: Mid-power

Light with RED: Low-power

Appearance design: Streamline design, ergonomic, comfortable touch
Product raw material and touch
World-class dull polish material, skidproof, a touch of gentle jade
Application situation: Smart Air Pump can conveniently and safely pump for all kinds of motorbike, bicycle, and balls.

Smart Air Pump Specification