Solar Charger: Energizer SP1001

Energizer SP1001 Charges Wherever there is Sun!

SP1001 Charges Wherever there is Sun!

Do you go bush walking, camping, riding or just enjoy being away from an electrical socket? Even enjoying the great outdoors, we still need to keep our devices charged and ready to use. Now you can do that without the convenience of a power socket.

The SP1001 Portable Solar Charger is a great backup battery for you micro USB, smartphone, or mobile device. The lightweight, but durable compact size is designed for outdoor use and includes a convenient carabiner clip for easy positioning or carrying around.

  • Efficient Charge smart solar panel technology maximizes the sun’s energy
  • Durable Designed for outdoor use, is weatherproof, dust-proof and heat resistant
  • Easy to Carry Lightweight and low profile – position or hang it with the caribineer clip included.
  • Rechargeable Can be used again and again

The 1000mAh Lithium Polymer internal battery is a great backup battery for your micro USB powered smartphone, iPhone or similar device. Lighweight and durable the SP1001 features charge smart solar panel technology maximising the sun’s energy.

Get yours now!


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  1. Bought one. Left it by the window for 2 full days. Managed to charge my iPhone by 1%. No, not a typo. ONE percent! Left it by the window again with full sun for the following day with it’s LED blinking(indicating charging) for another full day and I got another 1% charge. Either I got a lemon or this doesnt work at all.

    • Hi John, Sorry to hear that you have not had success with this. I would like to offer a warranty replacement. Could you please email me the Serial number to and your delivery address and i will register the serial number for warranty and send the new unit to you. Kind regards Debbie

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