Driving out the door! Mercedes MB-3 Bluetooth

Driving out the door! Mercedes MB-3 Bluetooth

Driving out the door! Mercedes MB-3 Bluetooth

More and more cars are coming with adaptors to stream music and speak on the phone, through an inbuilt cable. But what if you have a beloved Mercedes and you’re not ready to upgrade? And who need cables when it can all be done wirelessly? The recently released ViseeO MB-3 Mercedes Bluetooth and iPod adaptor in Australia was met with a huge response. It sold out in the first week and continues to drive out the door! We’ve ordered in more, so you won’t miss out.

Built on the success of the popular MB-2 Bluetooth upgrade adaptor, the ViseeO engineer team is always looking for more functionality beyond a Bluetooth communication device. That’s why they’ve gone back to the drawing board and come up with a premium Bluetooth device that brings even better communication and entertainment experiences to your prestigious cockpit.

We’ve been asked why people should upgrade or purchase this nifty adaptor, so here are the reasons why!

1. MB-3 is equipped with the new CK5050+ Bluetooth module supplied by Parrot, the leading Bluetooth handsfree company worldwide. This module will bring you amazingly fast phonebook sync performance, excellent compatibility and brilliant sound. With more pairing device support you can now pair up to 4 phones with MB-3 and each pairing setting can carry up to 1000 phonebook number individually to gives you total of 4000 phonebook entries* for each MB-3.


Mercedes MB-3 Bluetooth

The ViseeO MB-3

2. Music streaming is No. 1 desired feature. As Mercedes UHI interface was originally designed for mono sound communication, it cannot carry stereo music to your console. The ViseeO team has come up a relatively easy solution for playing the external music in stereo sound via the built in FM transmitter. With 3 memory channels, the MB-3 allows you to broadcast the A2DP/iPod/iPhone/AUX-IN music to your car radio with near CD quality sound.

3. No drain: Have you experienced battery drain from using Bluetooth in the past? The MB-3 will charge an iPod or iPhone via the 5v dock cable, so you don’t compromise the battery life to listen to music or use the in-car handsfree. The adaptor includes a USB charging feature that allows you to charge your iPod/iPhone, phone, MP-3 player, and many other devices that can be charged via PC’s USB port.

4. Fully integrated: The MB-3 integrates with steering wheel buttons to give you full and easy access to all functions, right in front of you. The adaptor stores neatly in your armrest along with your iPhone or MP3 player. No messy cords or fiddling to find your favourite song – it’s all at your finger tips!

The recommended retail price is $549, but we have them for you at just $415Order today as these will sell out fast again and we have only got access to limited stock – click here to order and you’ll be listening to your favourite tracks next week!

Please note: the MB3 is for 2004 models onwards, if in any doubt give us a call to confirm if the MB3 will work with your Merc.
Ph: 02 8338 8558

* Each MB-3 can actually receive up to 5000 entries per upload however Mercedes console has limited the number of entries to be displayed on its screen therefore depending on the console it can show either 1000 or 650 entries. With up to 4 devices can be paired therefore, each MB-3 can carry up to total of 4000 phonebook numbers.


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